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RV Daily Report Interviews Tom Dewalt of Engagenetics

by Greg Gerber | Podcast 217 Engagenetics Explained

Hi!  My name is Tom Dewalt and I am a 35+ year veteran of the RV Industry, with deep experience in marketing, sales management, business development, and more.  I started Engagenetics to offer a powerful alternative capable of producing dramatically superior results compared to the typical marketing and customer acquisition strategies used today.  We want to revolutionize your results!

What is Engagenetics?

The days of successful marketing results from shotgun attraction methods dumping traffic onto a brochure-like website are fast coming to an end.  As in any field, when superior results can be generated for less cost, the winners can quickly surpass and dominate those left behind. Even market leaders are susceptible to a fundamentally more efficient and effective process unless they adapt and adopt.  

Simply put, Engagenetics is the right traffic presented the right message at the right time.  The right engagement process universally produces superior results for less cost.

  • Attract The Right Traffic For The Offer
  • Engage With A Compelling And Irresistible Hook
  • Build A Relationship By Delivering Value
  • Maintain An Engaging Relationship Through All Stages Of The Buying Cycle
  • Always Call To ActionTo Move Forward

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