We Start With Results In Mind…


Instead of starting with a broad appeal, “shotgun-like ad blast” for a product, a payment or a price…  We focus like a laser on specifics.


  • We start with the specific offer we want to sell.  That means we choose exactly the price point, specific product and specifics attributes of the product.  


  • Next, we create a profile of the ideal customer for the offer, including requirements, preferences, demographics, and budget.


  • We then use the profile to put together an irresistible hook to connect with our ideal customer using a lead magnet that will attract the perfect prospects.


  • We design, train and implement a lead management process to ensure the opportunities created are worked as prescribed by management for maximum results.


  • Next, we invest all our marketing budget for this offer into promoting the lead magnet, thereby attracting exclusively ideal customers to engage with.  We add engagement hooks to the website to connect our visitors with appropriate lead magnets.


  • As a result, EVERY lead produced is a qualified, targeted opportunity matching our ideal customer profile.


  • Imagine working exclusively with opportunities that exactly match the product offer we want to sell.  Imagine your prospects fit the profile of budget, needs, wants, and use preferences. What are your odds of turning these prospects into sales?  


The result of this process is we are targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.  Every marketing dollar has been efficiently targeted to produce superior results. We have eliminated the current “shotgun blast and pray for engagement” strategy so prevalent today.


Take the Engagenetics SPLIT TEST CHALLENGE and see for yourself what can be accomplished by changing your process.

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